Friday, 6 June 2014

Let the sunshine in

Today has been a most excellent day. I say that wheezing and with calves that feel like jelly, but today has been a pretty good day. As you can likely guess, I've started running. So far so slow: 1km in 5min, at which pace I'd do a marathon in 6 hours. Seeing as I did 1km at that pace and felt my head trying to explode, I'm pretty sure that's an unlikely kind of time. Still, we start as we mean to go on.

Not pictured: the point at which I realised I can't multitask breathing and running

I also had a very enjoyable stroll down to the beach and an outdoor lunch; tuna pasta salad, crisps, juice and satsumas. Satsumas in Russian are mandarins (no word yet on what mandarins are, or indeed what Mandarin is. Stay tuned.), and I learnt this because my girlfriend is very patiently teaching me Russian. I'm still struggling with things like the alphabet, and haven't the first clue how to count, but I know how to ask "What's this in Russian?" and so that's what I say.

It's kak eta pa-russkie, if you were wondering. Or как это по-русски? if you know the letters.

I know some of the letters.

I also got offered a new job; it'll be a fun, minimum wage kind of gig but the people seem very chill indeed and that's going to be good for me. I'm also filling in all sorts of applications; internships for the summer are essentially over so I'm planning my Christmas holiday very carefully. I'm even looking forwards to the summer after that, and graduation. Oh yeah. I'm getting organised. 

I have a budget. I also have celebratory steak and fitou for dinner, the sun is shining, and I'm still on an endorphin high from making my fleshy brain-support-system run around. It's a weird thought that I'm leaving you with, but enjoy it - everything below your neck is (mostly) bossed around by the grey lump between your ears.