Sunday, 8 June 2014

Après le soleil....

We've had a whole two days of sunshine here in Aberdeen, and as that second day comes to a close dark clouds gather like vultures after a drought. It's not started really raining yet, but sources tell me it's close by in Westhill - so it can only be a matter of time. Thank goodness I'm curled up with exciting books like La Laïcité face à l'Islam, Religious Voices in Public Spaces, and that summer blockbuster De la séparation des Eglises et de l'Etat à l'avenir de la laïcité. Oh yes. Fun times abound with me.

I ran again this morning - yes, yes, I'm, becoming an awful bore who talks about running. The point to this is not to make me look impressive but rather to demonstrate that if I can do it, shambling gutsack that I am, then there's literally no reason you can't do it. This time it was a longer one, at a slower pace, but still - I'm doing stuff. I'm making the gutsack run. And it hates me now. My calves are as stiff as boards and twice as painful.

But nearly 3 kilometres!
I signed a contract today and start on Wednesday, which is terribly exciting, and aside from that...nothing. I'm still waiting, and hoping, and wishing to hear back from H+K but it's been quite a long time now and frankly that's not conducive to my need to book tickets in advance to avoid getting seriously stung. Hurry up you guys.

Anyway, the books, the books are calling. Two pages in and one of them has contemptuously noted that in Britain, even customs agents and police officers may wear the veil.

The snobbishness of the French. Long may it continue.