Monday, 26 May 2014

Break's over. The wait's over.

I'm writing this listening to a piece of music. I have no idea what it is; it's on piano, and it's unaccompanied, and it's being played by a friend of mine whose talents are apparently infinite. It's got pauses, hesitations, sudden quickness and then sudden pauses. It's not quite perfect, but it has the shape of something perfect. She'll get it perfect, I don't doubt, but there's something perfect in its imperfection.

What is there to write about today? Everyone's talking about the anti-establishment wave sweeping Europe from both the Left and the Right, but I'm not qualified to talk about that - aside from saying, as a dabbler in PR, that UKIP have absolutely proved that all publicity is good publicity. If we had all just very quietly ignored these little men (and they are almost all men, in a party that claims to be representative of a country in which 51% of the population is female) then they would not, could not, have made the gains they have. Instead we pointed cameras at them and covered them in papers and apparently did everything we could do give them free media. I imagine every single client at Edelman is calling up and asking why they're not getting this much coverage when they pay as much as they do.

What else is there to say? Reaction to yesterday's blog was good. It is utterly mind-blowing that most media are not characterising this as a hate crime; then again, the manifesto is very long and they are very busy journalists. The Mail Online, for example, was hunting down the woman who apparently started all this. They take great pains to insist that they're not blaming her. They're just hunting down the women so we can see how blonde and leggy she is, just like he said.

This girl had nothing to do with it. We shouldn't involve her but if we do we get clicks from perverts, so...
Yikes. It's just super fucking creepy.

But in happier news, I'm at home with my family eating leftovers from the masses of food we barbecued last night. Coming home again is difficult, because every time you do you realise you can't really. You change, your family changes, the people around you change. It's inevitable and unchangeable and still weird, because you keep hoping it won't.

But of course it does. Time doesn't stop for anyone.

So with that in mind, I'm hoping to finally get word on my H+K application and/or finally know one way or the other what I'm doing this summer. Please let it be creative work! If not, it'll be a bar and a lot of focus on my dissertation.

And I'm going to learn some piano. Just four chords, and after that I should be able to play a few songs.

How many?


Quite a few.