Sunday, 18 May 2014


Please, please, please let this new outbreak of sneezing be hay fever. Please. I could not deal.

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I am currently doing some secondary reading for my second Women's Writing essay, entitled "Discuss the relationship between art and the artist is Rachilde's Monsieur Vénus : roman matérialiste" Part of that reading involves watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show, because of reasons.

Pictured: one reason.

I mean the other is that it's a Pygmalion story involving the creation of a sexual object and the corruption of external characters with a strong Decadent theme, but that reason doesn't have quite the same rhythm and beat.

Where are we since last week? I had the interview for the Extremely Awesome Job and I am about 1000% certain I completely fluffed a pretty important question, so I shall assume that opportunity is utterly gone and will instead focus on getting this essay done and then learning cocktails. I'm picking them up slowly, but I get the feeling people wish it were happening faster. So I shall hit the book.

There's some trouble going on at the Students' Association at the moment: I don't know to what extent the audience who reads this is interested in the politics of AUSA, but for those who are it seems that the Association is closing down the café in the student space, and they let the administrator and staff know the day before it was due to be closed for the holidays that it wouldn't be re-opening in September. If this is true, then the timing seems suspect - it's after the last Student Council (who, one hopes, would ask exactly why this was happening) and it's sufficiently late in the term that an EGM couldn't be convened, as most people are busy with exams, last-minute essays, and going home.

However, there has been no official communication from the Association itself, so this may simply be an over-reaction to an idea that was floated. I hope that is the case, because while it will make some of us seem like fools, it could also be quite easily argued that the reaction has certainly helped stay the executioner's hand for the moment.

If not, it was a strategised move to ensure the minimum amount of fuss and uproar over an act that would understandably cause considerable unhappiness.

Ah, politics.

Which makes it less dangerous, as dying is not usually something from which one comes back.
What else? I have a new student, who's reading Lord of the Flies - so I get to reread that amazing novel. I've also been a little bit inspired, having recently made a lot of videos, to do a mini-Youtube lesson on it - there are plenty out there already, so I'll have to look at giving mine a special angle. Keep your eyes peeled.

Speaking of videos, I've finished one entire video and had it signed off by the necessary people. I also almost bought Final Cut Pro X, because being well into my overdraft means nothing compared to getting rid of the awful, half-baked mess that is the latest iteration of iMovie. If I ever work on a video project again, then I will have only one condition: give me Final Cut Pro X and I will work for free.

I also did a brief photoshoot, results of which may end up in an issue of Oil and Gas Magazine, and by the end of today I will know more cocktails and have an essay plan.

Oh yeah. I bet you wish your boyfriend was cool like me.