Monday, 5 May 2014

Words, words, words!

Unlike dear 'Liza, though, I'm actually quite pleased about my words. I've managed to get voted in, byt the thinnest of thin margins, as the Politics and IR PR Officer for 2014/15, which means even more writing, and I've got proposals and all sorts to write. And a script. And maybe a speech, I feel in a bit of a writing mood.

There's little else that's new in my life. The last lesson of my last tutee before their exam was today, and I don't feel they're ready - but perhaps I'm just over-worrying. In any case, it means I've even more free time now - time that I really ought to fill by working more hours at work because goodness knows I need the cash. There is something deeply frustrating about going from a considerable wage during the week to a pittance at the weekend. Chris Rock said it best - and long-time readers will know this quote because I love it - but here it is anyway.

Still, if I crack on I can get certified, and if I get certified then I get more money and then I can start working less hours and writing more. So that means I need to crack on and memorise things. 

Now this is obviously going to cut into my writing time, but if I can balance all that then I suppose someone might take pity on me after I graduate and let me write more.

Speaking of which, if you've read this blog and would like to assist the author in gaining an internship please click here. It would be enormously appreciated. If you're feeling particularly kind, share the story with your friends. Especially if any of your friends work at +Hill+Knowlton Strategies UK.

So in conclusion, when talking about words...

"Is that all you blighters can do?"

...yes, Miss Dolittle, but I'm sure you'll agree it's not all bad.