Friday, 25 July 2014

This is getting habitual

I used to be able to produce blogs at reasonable times. No more. Now it's whenever I get some spare time, which is inevitably after Beastie goes to bed and I'm left feeling like The Worst Boyfriend Ever.

Especially when she makes me cute little gifts like this. Wait, annex?
So a brief rundown then: a friend got engaged, I had a job interview, I may possibly have a start date for H+K and I've managed to lose over twenty hours of my life to a video game.

That may or may not be why this blog is so late.

The job interview was the one I mentioned in the last blog: the Year Abroad/Exchange Ambassador. It sounds fantastic, and seems to be right up my street, but I'm really not sure how the interview went. Time will tell; I hope to find early next week. Still, I got to talk ideas with interesting people and get more interview experience, which is always helpful. Going over answers after is absolutely awful though, so Beastie and I had a coffee. Well, I had coffee. She had cherry cola, which was probably a better choice since it's been ferociously hot today. The sky is as blue and empty as the sea, which is to say it's full of vicious creatures with fins and teeth that you simply cannot see.

I spoke to a contact at H+K and might have a start date - I know I've already said that above but there's not an awful lot more to be said at the moment. It's all rather up in the air but when I know you'll know. I mean you'll know when I get round to writing it. We don't yet share a mind-meld.

Not yet.

I'm playing Assassin's Creed III a lot and it's enjoyable; the settings are huge and wide-open but the cities feel a little small. The previous two games were set in the Crusades (so the Middle East) and Renaissance Italy which did not lack for tall pointy buildings which inspired awe and were absolutely gorgeous to run all over. You'll notice that the games have been steadily moving West; whether that's intentional or not is up for debate but it is more than a little frustrating to be moved back to the US. Where are the Chinese assassins? The Indian? The Mongol? The Egyptians? Think about how gorgeous it would be to scramble around St. Petersburg at the time of the Revolution! Instead it's the American Revolution, and the new version - Unity - is the French Revolution. Please, +Ubisoft, let's get out of Europe.

(Don't get me started on female characters. That would be the absolute end of me.)

If you don't know about the series that was a bit meaningless, so here's an awesome video of people dressing like characters in the game and running about Paris.

Otherwise? Life rolls on. Work is work, and it's not terrible, though one of the guys I started with is already about to move on to bigger and better things. He's off to London to become a film star - no, really - so it'll be a massive blow because he's a fantastic guy. 

On the other, movie star, London...I can see why he's going.

I suppose it's because I've been playing a relatively open-world game, but it's an uncomfortable feeling knowing that unlike non-playable characters in a video game people aren't always going to be there, waiting for me to escape what's pursuing me and grab a chance to talk. Unsettling, the way the world reminds you in a thousand ways that you are not its centre. I could probably do with remembering that more often.

Or, you know. Keep running madly in the wrong direction. It's worked out fine so far...