Saturday, 19 July 2014

News at Midnight

Alright, I've just bashed out a blog about a conflict and that'll be coming out in about 8 hours, but in the meantime here's a wee update about my life for people who like that sort of thing.

I have an interview for an absolutely amazing job, so I am crossing everything. It's the position of Study Abroad Ambassador, which I'm so excited to even be shortlisted for. I wrote for a year on my year abroad, I did a whole lot of stuff, and that blog is still getting hits which is the weirdest. If you'd like to add to those hits then please, head on over here for the first post or here for the best bits. The interview is on Thursday, so I'll try to write a little thing about how I felt it went. It means more social media-ing, so hopefully there'll be a blog I can completely geek out on. Google Analytics is my rediscovered love right now, so there'll be filters and goals and so much data for tables and graphs and wow.

I need a minute just to calm down.

Dissertation is crawling along: my introduction is fully drafted but, according to Beastie, dramatic. Dramatic? Moi? Surely not. Nobody who knows me could say with a straight face that I am dramatic.

Alright quiet.

Anyway. Today has been an enjoyable day punctuated by enormous amounts of stress, and that's glorious because the stress is punctuating, rather than continual, and that's glorious. Soon it'll be unending, but for's just irregular. Joyful.

Plus, tomorrow we're going to buy a wardrobe so Beastie can move in properly, and possibly the cheapest TV we can find so I can procrastinate with Assasin's Creed, and it seems I'm becoming a grown-up. And I know I keep saying that, and I think it's true every time, because actually I don't think we're ever properly grown up. I'm confident we're all just blagging it, and some of us are doing better than others, but I'm blagging it with someone exceptional so that'll do me just grand until the next grown-up moment comes along.

Speaking of which, when should I start applying to Masters programmes? And should I (unlike The Woman) assume I'm going to get a glorious first, and just put that on every application? And then just blag it when I inevitably don't?

So in short: interview, wardrobe, Xbox, Masters, growing up and blagging the whole damn thing.

If you have any answers to my burning questions then please get in touch however you'd like; email me, tweet me, comment below, send me a message on Facebook or etch your glorious response onto a sheet of bronze and bury it at a crossroads. I will find it. I will find you.

(Sorry. I'm still crazy into +Jeffrey Cranor's Welcome to Nightvale and it's leaking into my writing. It's also leaking out of my fridge. I might be storing it incorrectly.)