Friday, 25 July 2014

A pretty good day

A second blog in as many days can only be for a very special reason, and I have two to celebrate.

Actually, three - in a move sure to disappoint a Disney employee of my acquaintance I'm happy to say I am not engaged in any way. There was apparently some confusion yesterday, but fingers are still free of rings and knees have not recently been rested upon.

On to exciting news: I have a start date for my internship and it's August 4th which is, oh shit, 9 freaking days away. I've a mountain of paperwork to read and sign and I plan on doing significant research into the area in which I'll be working. I'll also be keeping fairly tight-lipped about what I do but I cannot wait. I'll be home for a month, and I'll be working in London, and I'm going to get paid to do something I love - honestly, I could not be more excited.

And then, once I get back, I'll have another job!

Memes are the last refuge of a scoundrel - Samuel Johnson.
That'll bring me to a total of four part time jobs. That seems like a lot, especially when half of them aren't paid. On the other hand, I love them. It's hard to let go of things you love but apparently that's what you're supposed to do, which seems counter-intuitive to me - but who am I to argue with the wisdom of a thousand years?

The other job is the very exciting Student Ambassador job I talked about yesterday, and it looks like it's going to be an amazing opportunity to get stuck into some seriously meaty projects. There might be a budget. There will be things at the end of it, and there may also be filming and social media and brochures and multi-faceted-brochures and yikes, I'm so damn excited I might explode.

Plus: there's the minimum wage campaign to get cracking on - I got some great research and support only yesterday from a charity that's should help me start producing materials and generating research teams. Hopefully. Fingers crossed, etc.

Anyway: folks living in London who read this blog - approximately sixty, according to my analytics - where should I go? What's new and hip? What's worth seeing in the theatre?

Give me a shout on twitter: @jonodrew.