Friday, 18 April 2014

The Longest Time

I've not blogged in twelve days, and I feel weird about that. In my defence, I've been absolutely rammed with work. I've made applications to several internships, including one at Aberdeen University, one at the Students Association, and three in London (one of which I've already been rejected from).

I've also made inquiries into new jobs. I don't know what it is, but since coming back from France I feel completely and utterly dissatisfied with bar work. It seems a little snobby - and I say that coming from the bar scene in Aberdeen, where hipster moustaches and braces are as much a part of the uniform as an apron and a shaker.

But having worked in an office, in a chair all day, taking lunch when I wanted and not needing to wash my hands every two minutes I am finding the return to bar work...a bit of a shock to the system. In addition, I've not worn a suit to work in weeks now. Weeks. My body has no idea what's hit it. It's crying out for silk ties, for waistcoats, for shined shoes.

On the other hand, these internships will require suits. And, with any luck, so will my new job: I'm really excited to tell you I've a group assessment next week for John Lewis, so with any luck I should be back to suits (and, more importantly, geeking out in a big way because it's in Electronics!) very soon.

Good lord, what else is going on?

I'm getting my new lens in the next couple of days, I ordered two books from Waterstones with a birthday gift certificate (on Economics and Rhetoric, since I know you're interested) and I'm working til 1am tonight before going out to do video interviews with the population of Aberdeen at 9am tomorrow.

And I'm reviewing a dissertation which was written by a person smarter than me by orders of magnitude. Seriously, half the damn thing is in Latin and the other half is in abbreviations. And the last half is just really smart.

I've also almost finished my manifestos but, of course, need actual people to actually sign things, and as exams inch closer my students holler for more of my time (which I am very glad to give, because these kids are amazing.)

So that's what's going on in my life. How about you?