Sunday, 19 April 2015

Where we're going, we don't need money!

It's essay season, which means it's procrastination season and I, like a hunter shamed by Ricky Gervais, find myself embarrassed by the ease with which I have killed my productivity.

Boy, there's a lot of awkward metaphors in that opening sentence.

So what's the title about? It's a consequence of the jarring effect brought on by reading David Harvey's companion to Capital (also watchable/listenable online, for free!) and suddenly having to question the whole system around you. You ever wonder about how much money you make for someone else? A lot. The answer is: a lot.

Luckily for everyone, I'm avoiding diving into the quagmire of Marxist thought (into which I have merely dipped a toe, I suspect) and instead will riff very briefly on things that are happening.

But first, a joke!
No, not really. The real joke is capitalism.

I am looking at teaching. Anyone who's followed this blog me for the frankly interminable amount of time I've been writing will well know that I am, and have been for some time, enamoured of teaching. I enjoy it more than I have ever enjoyed anything. To that end, I've been trying to find teaching experience in local schools - to no avail. Free teaching assistant, and nobody wants me. Frustrating in the extreme.

Still, I'm going to keep plugging away. I have nothing to lose but my time.

In other job news (that I think I've blogged about before) I've got an interview at the end of this month for a job involving exciting digital things with Her Majesty's Government. On the upside - shiny digital things! Innovating processes to help democratise policy and governance in the hope of one day removing centralised government forever!

If I don't get a laptop that does this on day one, I'm quitting

On the other, the distinct possibility that at some point in my career I'm going to have to do some things that I might not (personally) agree with; the knowledge that my work will be directed by people elected on the basis of questionable votes (especially under the FPTP system); and the ever-present terror that my creations will rise up and destroy their creator.

This picture combines literally all of my favourite things.

That last one's probably not so realistic. Probably.

Of course, being a teacher would also have those exact same downfalls, so it's looking like either way I'm not going to have a life full of marshmallows and rainbows. 

Pictured: not my life

Also pictured: reason #376237267 GCHQ are monitoring my internet searches and shaking their heads.
I suppose this is really where I need to consider where it is I'll be better, and that's going to involve a complicated heart-to-heart with myself. And I hate those conversations.