Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Joy of Work

Here's something: I am not happy, not content, unless I am just upon the cusp of too much to do. As example: I have at present three relatively major projects, a slew of applications to complete, and a lot - a lot - of reading to do.
And I am cheerful. I am elated. I am absolutely full of energy.
My lap, regretfully, is full of cat - and cats, as has been proven by Science, are furry drainers of energy. They store it up until 3am, when they need it to do laps of your domicile. As such, the emails I should be sending, the phone calls I should be making, and the documents I should be writing are being put temporarily aside while I watch Borgias, because I'm doing a course on the Renaissance and this production is clearly faithful to history.
There is a certain peace in not being entirely full of energy, entirely 'on' all the time. Cats are good. Partners are good. Big budget adaptations of particularly interesting bits of European history - they're good too. Tomorrow morning I start again, powering through more work, setting up and chasing down. And writing. And making a video for yet another application!
What glorious days and perfect evenings, when there's a cat on your lap and you can dream all the things you could do.

Murder, in his case. Furry silent murder.