Saturday, 13 December 2014

The finish line approaches

What a long time it's been!

So, so many things have happened since I last put pen to paper here. I've written essays, I've given speeches, I've got a cat...

He's called Salem. He's about 1,000% more photogenic than me.
I say I've got a cat - it's really more of a "we". That is, my partner and I have a cat. We live together. We share bills. We're considering...a future. That means finding a graduate job, and sharpish - an ongoing and terrifying prospect. So far there are a couple of things lined up, but I'm always on the lookout for more so if you've any suggestions do please leave a comment. So far it's the Civil Service...and that's about it. Not a great start.

Other exciting things? Christmas is fast approaching, and we're well prepared. We've got gifts for almost everyone, we've got Christmas lights up, we put the cat in a Christmas hat (he got out of the Christmas hat pretty quickly). We're also going down south to see the family, which will amazing as ever - the food is plentiful and the people wonderful.

I mentioned that I've been writing essays, something I always enjoy and always leave until far too late. Something else I do, something I've not noticed I do until just recently, is leave really sarcastic comments in the footnotes. My partner pointed it out to me, and I'm at the point in my university career now where I feel like I'm just going to keep doing it. My 2:1 is - touch wood - almost guaranteed, so from here on sarcastic footnotes will continue to feature in my work. The work from here on in, by the way, is on Science and Literature and the French Renaissance, as well as the opportunity to take a class in French on a French subject. Quelle opportunité for a show-off like me!

I think that's about me for the moment; I'm going to try to get back into blogging semi-regularly back in the new year but in the meantime Happy Holidays, and thank you for sticking with this blog.

If you have. If you're new, I have no idea why you're here but thank you.