Saturday, 16 August 2014

Week two: over

Never have I ever needed to sleep so badly as I did this morning. It's been an amazingly busy week, but unfortunately I have limits - I've talked about my frustrations with the flesh-sack that keeps my brain operational - and so I slept for a good 10 hours and woke up with a blinding headache. This is clearly my meat-sack's way of telling me it doesn't approve of the way I talk about it.

I'm just saying. I bet he doesn't get headaches.
It could also hypothetically be caffeine withdrawal, as the wonderful barista at work reckons a double espresso is for weaklings and what I really need is a quadruple espresso. A quadruple espresso is about 100ml of coffee, which I am reliably informed by Google is approximately 212mg of caffeine. So two of those a day - one in the morning, one after lunch - is only about 424mg of caffeine. How much caffeine will it take to kill me?

See? I can have 135 more and be fine.
I'm halfway through my internship and it's getting even better, if that were at all possible. More research, more responsibility, and a lot of pitching. Journalists are naturally friendly people, and it's really exciting to try and write the perfect story.

Alright, it's exciting to me. 

I'm not exploring the capital as much as I should be; after the days at the office I'm absolutely shattered - especially because getting up at 5.30 means getting to bed by 22.30, and that doesn't leave a whole lot of time for exploration. I was planning on doing it this weekend but by the time I'd had a headache and mooched and read up on the ongoing clusterfuck occurring in Ferguson, Missouri I wasn't really ready to do anything except not do anything at all.

However, my dog (being a dog) has absolutely no concern for international global politics, and has therefore been a very restless puppy all day. I should probably take him for a walk but after last week's flaking out I'm a little unsure. I can't deal with rejection two weeks in a row. It would break my cold little heart.

In the grips of today's headache I found myself doing odd bits of research, as is my wont, so now I've rooted my phone, filled out the basis of my application to the European Commission, and finally emailed the paperwork I should have done weeks ago. Oops.

Anyway: I'm going to try this dog walking thing, at a slightly slower pace. There'll be more next week.